Sunday, March 31, 2013

Do you believe in magic? Benefit does!

Have you ever stayed away from a category of products, only because they've failed you in the past? That's how I was with cream shadows. In high school and even into college, I would wear cream shadows and they would crease and fade away within a couple hours on my oily lids. Every. Single. Time. So while I've been avoiding them like the plague over the past few years, cream shadows have been hard at work, being these insanely wearable, long lasting, beautiful pieces of make-up.

I decided to try a few of the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows, and was pretty impressed. So of course, I wanted to see what was available outside the drugstore for cream shadows. And what do you know, Temptalia started reviewing the newly repackaged Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow line and I saw it... Skinny Jeans, with an A+ next to it and my brain said "you must go buy this right now!"

Enlarge to see the awesomeness that is "Skinny Jeans"

Skinny Jeans is the most stunning shade ever - a deep metallic pewter with an iridescent shimmer in it. I wish my camera could pick up the stunning depth this product has! It's so creamy and it blended effortlessly onto my lid. I topped it with Urban Decay's Verve and Mushroom for a perfect smokey eye. Now, do you get excited when your make-up stays in place for a full 8 hours? Ecstatic when it lasts 10? Flabbergasted when you hit 12 hours? What would you do if your look lasted 16 HOURS and looked exactly as good as it did when you applied it? Well for me, I said "omg omg omg" over and over, commented to Christine that I was on the verge of wearing it to sleep just to see if it would last close to 24 hours, and hopped onto Twitter to ask Benefit how this was possible...

To which they replied:

And I couldn't agree more! If you've been hesitant about cream shadows, go buy this product and let it make a believer out of you. I have every intention of purchasing every color in this line. Amazing, amazing, amazing product!